Altitude Art Table

The "Art in altitude" work table becomes the reference and the platform that has created the path of this candidacy. Formed by artists, artisans, socio-cultural organizations, universities, private foundations and local government, the table is a forum for meeting, exchanging and generating ideas.

Comú de Sant Julià de Lòria

The Common contributes to the candidacy with logistical and economic support. Under the motto of Art in height, the city of Sant Julià de Lòria wants to become an artistic and artisan reference in the Pyrenees. This goal is intended to be achieved with the creation of the Macarulla Institute, and other initiatives such as the Casa de la Forja or the La Posella Festival for the promotion of crafts and popular culture in the Pyrenees.

The Andorra National Commission for UNESCO

It also has the support of the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO, so that, as stipulated in the rules of the candidacy, it can express its opinion in relation to the presentation of the request from Sant Julià de Lòria. Also with the advice and the Igualada Association UNESCO (spain). In parallel, it has been established links with different cities that are already part of the network of creative cities such as: Tetouan (Morocco) and Terrassa (Spain).

Fundació Julià Reig and University of Andorra

At the same time, support has already been obtained from some of the most important associations and foundations in the country, such as the Fundació Julià Reig and the University of Andorra. The Julià Reig Foundation stands out in promoting and managing initiatives and projects of an economic, social, cultural and scientific nature, and has been favourable to accompany Sant Julià de Lòria in its candidacy. We also have the support of the University of Andorra, located in our city, as well as all the socio-cultural associations that have here their headquarter.

Sergi Mas

We also enjoy the full support of an essential figure in the field of crafts and popular culture: the artist Sergi Mas. This "craftsman", as he calls himself, has a long career of more than 60 years always linked to crafts and popular culture as a sculptor, potter, painter, engraver and writer.