Projectes, acts and events related to the Macarulla Institude

Through the Institute it is proposed to carry out other projects such as:

House of forging

Creation of the forge pedagogical space from the private initiative of Mr. Jaume Moles, blacksmith craftsman. The site already has three strong points of interest:

a) An extensive collection of historical pieces of wrought iron crafts.

b) An artistic charge for the presence of the work of the renowned Andorran painter and sculptor Angel Calvente, with a painting on the ceiling, an explanatory frieze of the history of the forge and two stained glass windows that represent the elements with which iron is worked: water, fire, air and ground.

c) A demonstration workshop of the traditional blacksmith job.

The Posella Festival

Audiovisual and short film competition on handicrafts, popular arts and tangible and intangible heritage aimed at all the cities that make up the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities. Organized jointly with the Igualada Association for UNESCO (Catalonia, Spain) and the city of Terrassa (Creative City in cinema 2017).

Mountain wines meeting

Take advantage of this existing professional and public fair to strengthen links between altitude wine producers, but also to strengthen pairings and develop creativity in local cuisine.

Exhibitions and workshops

Organization of fairs and craft workshops taking advantage of existing ones, such as the Fira de Sant Jordi (April), the Vila Medieval (September) or the Fira de Santa Llúcia (December), as well as creating new ones.