The caramelles

Songs for Easter Florida

Caramelles are songs sung in the streets on Flowery Easter by groups of people (traditionally men, but nowadays we find men, women and children) who receive money from people in return.

According to the Christian liturgical calendar, after the forty days of abstinence and recollection of Lent comes Easter, which the meaning of it is the joy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, the agricultural and livestock cycle interprets the joy of Easter as the arrival of flowers on fruit trees, that is, the arrival of spring, and hence the expression of Flowery Easter.

Coral Rocafort

It is this exaltation of the jewel, whether religious or profane, that is translated into the songs performed in the squares and streets by many groups of singers on Sunday and Monday Easter and which are known as Caramelles.

In Sant Julià de Lòria they take place on the Sunday following Easter Sunday. Coral Rocafort is the sociocultural entity responsible of maintaining this tradition.

Caramelles groups

Caramelles groups roam the village streets, stopping under balconies or in squares, singing songs and collecting donations from people, some money or some food like cake or traditional sausages or a taste of wine.

With a basket, those who are on a flat foot, or with the perxa, a long stick at the end of which hangs a basket adorned with coloured ribbons, for the balconies. With the fundraiser, today symbolic, a popular lunch is organized with all the singers.