Església de Sant Julià i Sant Germà de Sant Sebastià

Although of Romanesque origin, the Sant Julià i Sant Germà church was modernly restored and renovated, although it still has a three storey Lombard bellfry.

Inside, in addition to the woodcarving of the Christ of Grace from the 16th century, we find the baroque altarpieces of Sant Julià, the Immaculate Conception and Sant Germà from the 18th century, and two 12th century woodcarvings of the Virgin of the Our Lady of Remedy and our patroness Virgin of Canòlich.

Ancestral artisan technique

But perhaps the most impressive thing about the place is that since May 2019, the sanctuary has 200 m2 of mosaics by renowned international artist Marko Ivan Rupnik known as the Michelangelo of the 21st century.

The remodeling has helped to beautify the high altar and the presbytery, and to conceive a chapel of its own for the Virgin of the Canólich. All made with an ancestral craft technique.