This afternoon we were able to enjoy one more year of one of the most traditional and popular events in our city: the Ball de la Marratxa.

La Marratxa is a majestic dance that symbolizes the birth of the old co-principality of Andorra. Specifically, it represents the peace treaty of 1278 that was signed between the count of Foix and the bishop of Urgell, the first Pareatge, and that was the genesis of our country. Since then, it is danced every Monday of the City Festival.

The two dancers, a single and a married man, represent the two princes. Each must dance with three women who shake hands as a sign of shared and undivided power. The girls represent the six old municipalities (currently seven) that formed the Principality. They dress in typical traditional clothes such as ret, mitenes, vigatanes or corbata. Boys in suit and top hat with ribbon with the flag colours.

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