ArtCAmp Colours for the Planet is a biennial gathering of visual artists from around the world that takes place in Ordino. It aims to facilitate, through art, the exchange of the values ​​that UNESCO makes universal around culture and peace. On each occasion, ArtCamp brings together creators who live together for about ten days to share knowledge, discover different cultures and work on the design of the works. But above all to encourage communication to try to reduce distances.
Some of these pieces have been part of traveling exhibitions in such emblematic places as the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the OSCE in Vienna or the UNESCO office in Venice in the framework of the Biennial 2013. Since 2018, the activity has been listed as an element in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals defined by UNESCO. ArtCAmp Andorra intends to collaborate, with its humble support, to raise awareness of the problems that the SDGs propose to address.
It is a pleasure to host this ArtCamp exhibition at the Sala Sergi Mas, which since its first edition in 2008 has brought together more than 200 artists from all continents and has contributed to the creation of some 600 original works. On this occasion and for the first time, the showroom will host more than 200 works, distributed according to the origin of the artists we have participated in since its creation in 2008.
The show is very eclectic but at the same time very enriching, due to the variety of styles, criteria and contents. At this delicate time for humanity, when it seems that conflicts, hunger and large migrations of people, instead of receding, are increasing, art can become a way to forget racial differences, religion and origin. In this sense, ArtCamp breath coexistence, dialogue, diversity and cultural enrichment.