Until September 24, the Sergi Mas showroom hosts the exhibition on witchcraft in Andorra Against evil given, within the framework of the First Witchcraft Conference in Andorra. This exhibition constitutes an extraordinary opportunity to be able to know, through reproductions, 8 original sentences and their transcript, which are preserved in the National Archive of judicial processes against women accused of witchcraft. Also, who were these women, where they lived and how they related to their environment.

The documents are accompanied by books and publications on witchcraft, as well as prophylactic objects and customs against it, on loan from Patrimoni Cultural. Also, of current photographs by Jordi Casamajor of protection forms on the doors of houses or those provided by the National Archive, Comú De Ordino and the ethnologist Robert Lizarte, on the conjurers. Those small religious buildings where spells or exorcisms were held against storms, floods or plagues.

Against evil given, explores the fine line that exists between popular belief and superstition, between these curses and what we use against them.