The wool

Vital Andorra

Of the initiatives of artisan products, it is necessary to emphasize one of them: Vital Andorra. The project, as part of the Pyrenees, wants to have its own identity and heritage.

Their first action is to take advantage of the sheep's fleeces when they are hatched every spring. With this natural fibre, traditionally, the mountain population must dress to protect themselves from the cold and has made it an indispensable material for a good bed. Thanks to the wool of our sheep and the legacy of our ancestors, Vital brings a piece of warm tradition to today’s homes.

VITAL (VI of Vicenç + T of Timoteo + AL d'Albert)

The project was born in 2019 from a collaboration with Timoteo Ccarita, Vicenç Santamaria and Albert Gomà. The project is called VITAL (VI by Vicenç + T by Timoteo + AL by Albert). Timoteo Ccarita is a master weaver, researcher of natural dyes and trainer of weavers in Pitumarca, Cusco (Peru). It promotes the Inca culture maintaining the original designs and techniques in the preparation of the wool and its later weave. Vicenç Santamaria is a Pyrenean artist who collaborates like an artistic advisor. Albert Gomà, political scientist, coordinates the VITAL project.

About 140 weavers, from communities in the Andes, take part in making wool yarn in a completely artisanal way. They are also dedicated to natural dyeing and weave on the traditional waist loom. Different associations of weavers collaborate in this project: Club of mothers in Ccapacchapi, the associations Munaik Tiklla, Inka Pachacutec, Ñaupa Away Karwi, Uchu Llukllu, Wasa Pampa and Labraco de Pitumarca, the association of Santa Barbara in San Pablo, Chokecancha in Lares and Tres alpaquitas in Marca Pata.

Through craftsmanship, Vital introduces a new form of collaboration between different cultures and seeks to create a space without borders where what binds us can be explored.