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The university campus of Andorra

On the other hand, Sant Julià de Lòria is located as the university campus of Andorra, with a wide educational offer, which is currently growing thanks to the opening of new lines and centres.

The city council, the education sector and economic and social agents are strongly and jointly involved in increasing educational commitment.

Since 2004, with the University of Andorra as the main axis of higher education in Andorra, together with the Universitat Carlemany the European University and the Andorran Aviation Academy (https://www.es.andorra-aviation.com/escuela-aviacion.html), they form a wide range of courses that go beyond Andorran students, offering training for people living in the Pyrenees or internationally with the offer of online degrees, postgraduate and master's degrees.

The city is also home to the Ministry of Education, the Vocational Training Center and, in the future, is also planned to host the School of Arts and Crafts.

University campus of Andorra

Universitat d'Andorra


Universitat Carlemany


Universitat Europea


Andorra Aviation Academy