From candies to entity

the Rocafort choir

Founded in 1962 by Daniel Areny together with other singers who formed the old caramelles choir, the Coral Rocafort is a group that promotes, disseminates and preserves the popular songbook.

More than three generations have passed through the Rocafort Choir and its children's section, the Petits cantaires lauredians. The choir currently has more than fifty members including adults and children. The Choir actively participates in the city's festive calendar. Apart from Les Caramelles, he takes care of the choir at the annual pilgrimage mass at the Canòlich Sanctuary or participates in the Medieval Village event with repertoire from the Middle Ages. Among the many actions that the entity has done throughout its history, it is worth highlighting the one that took place on May 8, 2020, just before the confination for pandemic alert about Covid19, on the occasion of Working Woman's Day and that it was entitled "Pan y Rosas" (Bread and roses). A multidisciplinary show with singing, live music, classical and contemporary dance, poetry and live painting.