The city protector lady

The giants of the city

The Dama Blanca d'Auvinyà (White Auvinyà Lady) and the Rei moro (Moorish King), the characters represented by the giants of the city, are already celebrating their 38th anniversary this year.

Giants are large festive imagery figures that mostly represent kings, nobles or characters in traditional costumes. Despite being popular elements, it can be determined that the current structure arose from the Popular Entourage of Corpus Christi. Along with troupes and bigheads, they are a very prominent element of the major festivals in many towns in northern Spain, the Pyrenees and southern France, in which they often represent the ancient benefactors of the town.

Gang of giants

The giantess corresponds to a legend of the popular imagination that tells the story of a mysterious lady who protects the city and the valleys.

On the other hand, the male character represents the foreign threat that the Andorrans seek to subdue, sometimes also represented as Bishop of Urgell.

The Colla de geganters of Sant Julià de Lòria has grown the popular imagination since it was founded. He currently has four bigheads, the wolf, the Porrer, the witch and the demon; another giant associated with carnival festivities, the Tecla witch; and two little giants, to continue the tradition with the new generations, the Julià and the Canòlich.