the beginning of the social function

The Germandat de Sant Sebastià

The Germandat de Sant Sebastià was born more than two centuries ago as a mutual society to help the sick or disabled to carry out the farm work.

We could say that it was a kind of national insurance, at a time when this service was non-existent. But the creation of the Andorran National Insurance Fund and the modernization of the country left it without activity. The aim disappeared, but it wanted to maintain the festive roots of the Consòrcia o Germandat de Carnestoltes, from which the current one comes, which has been documented since 1720.

Germandat laurediana

This association is the oldest surviving in the Principality. The documentation also allows us to find a precedent in the sick leave payment system, because in 1928 it is stated that the subsidy is paid "from the third day of the doctor's illness certification". She was also a pioneer in giving women a voice in 1963, seven years before that they had the right to vote in the country. Also, ins in innovative projects such as the Mútua Eléctrica to illuminate the city, or by granting loans to members until 1908. The mutualist nature loses weight with the National Insurance and the impossibility of continuing to pay members with reduced funds. Inactivity came, but the association did not dissolve.

So, in 1988, the entity decided to organize the first popular escudella popular in the city. Since then, every January 20, the Germandat square has been filled with the good smell of the escudella and the citizens who share it.

The escudella is a fatty food typical of winter considered by many to be one of the most important food heritages in the Pyrenees. To make it, you need to make a good broth with meat and vegetables, and other ingredients like potatoes, legumes, pasta soup, rice, and you can’t forget the pork. All products of local land. In fact, when people lived in farm, es menjave del que hi havie a casa” (they eat what they have)